Student Welfare


The Student Services team devote much of their time to the pastoral care of students who have recently arrived in London and are still finding their feet. It might mean helping a student to register with a doctor (overseas students are entitled to health care under the National Health Service), or finding a place of worship. Also, there will be times when a student needs official documents, to extend a student visa for example, or open a bank account. If this is the case the Student Services team will happily help.

All in all it is our aim to make our students feel at home, and to provide the administrative and pastoral support that will allow them to concentrate happily on their prime objective - to obtain an excellent education and a globally recognised Heriot‑Watt University degree to prove it.

Counselling & Support

Many things can happen in the life of a student while he or she is progressing towards their chosen qualification. Our Student Services team is always on hand to talk through any problems students may have and ready to offer advice and practical support. If the problem requires specialist counselling then we can recommend a course of action and help guide the student towards appropriate specialist help.


All students should register with a local doctor as soon as they arrive in London. International students who are in the UK for 6 months or longer are entitled to medical treatment under the National Health Service & therefore medical insurance is not necessary.

Living expenses & banking

Some parents prefer the College to administer student living expenses because it allows the student to concentrate on his or her studies without having to worry about money matters. It also helps eliminate the problem of overspending. It works very simply. The parent or sponsor deposits the living expenses with the College Bursar who will then release the money to the student on a weekly basis in accordance with instructions given. Rent payments, for example, can be made payable directly to their hostel and examination fees can be held in reserve. (Note: This is, of course, subject to the student being in funds with the College and so please ensure that funds are sent to the College well in advance of their being required as considerable unnecessary distress can be caused to students whilst waiting for living expenses to arrive from overseas). There is no charge for this service which is entirely optional.

Progress reports

The College will send these, if required, to the student's nominee - e.g. parent, guardian or employer. Students who wish to take advantage of this service should advise the College of the name and address of the person to whom reports are to be sent.

Passports & visas

The College is pleased to help international students with passport and visa formalities. If a student's visa is due to expire whilst he or she is still studying the College authorities will arrange an extension.

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