Information for International Students

West London College welcomes students from all over the world and prides itself on providing a secure and friendly environment in which international students quickly feel at home.

Over the years the College has taught students from over 100 different countries and the College's student population is sophisticatedly cosmopolitan, reflecting the increasingly global nature of the world economy. This helps underpin the dynamic learning environment that makes the College a great place to study.

EU & EEA students

Students from European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries will not need a student visa to come to the UK to study and may therefore follow the same application process as UK students. You may wish for us to arrange to meet you at the airport when you arrive and we will be happy to arrange this. Just let our Student Services team know as soon as you can.

Non-EU International Students

International students from countries outside of the EU/EEA will need to obtain a Student Visa before being able to join their course.

So long as the correct steps are carefully followed this is usually a straightforward process, but in certain countries it can take a little time so it is wise to apply early to avoid the risk of delay and disappointment.

Set out below is a step-by-step guide for how best to proceed with your application. If you need help and advice please feel free to contact one of our Course Advisors who will be happy to help guide you through the process.

The Application Process for International Students - How it works

NOTE: this guide is for International students. If you are a UK/EU citizen please see our main admissions section

Step 01 »

Submit completed Application Form. Use this prospectus or our website to choose a course, and then fill in the enclosed Application Form and send it to the College with copies of your qualifications. You can send your application to us by email, fax or post, or via a friend or relative. Please ensure you supply an email address on the Application Form.

Advice on course selection can be obtained by sending an email to our Course Advice team at . Or you can call us on +44 207 491 1841.

Step 02 »

Receive Offer Letter. If your application is successful you will receive, by email, a letter offering you a place to study at the College and an Enrolment Form, all bearing your Application Reference Number (6 digits).

The Offer Letter gives the course start date and itemises the costs. The Enrolment Form will be needed to confirm that you accept the offer.

The offer might be unconditional or there may be conditions, such as the need for you to pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT). See further information on SELT requirements.

Step 03 »

Pay tuition fees/accommodation deposit. Once you have received your Offer Letter the next step is to pay tuition fees. The amount that you will need to pay in advance depends on your circumstances (eg. whether you need a visa), and will be indicated on your Offer Letter. Payment can be made in a number of ways. (See How To Pay for guidance). Whichever method you use, you should ensure that your Application Reference Number is quoted and that the payment is accompanied by, or coincides with the arrival of, your signed Enrolment Form. (NB. If you require accommodation you should include an accommodation deposit of £400 with your tuition fees).

Step 04 »

Receive CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) & Accommodation Booking Form. Once we have received your tuition fees we will send you by email a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) which will tally with information we will already have provided about you to the immigration authorities. You will also be issued with a Student Number (4 digits).

With the CAS you will receive comprehensive written instructions on how to fill in the visa application forms. You will also receive an Accommodation Booking Form for use when you have your visa and are ready to travel.

Step 05 »

Obtain Student Visa from local British authorities (if required). Applicants from non-EU/EEA countries are required to obtain a visa in advance of their journey to London. This will involve submitting an application to your local British Embassy or High Commission (the forms can be downloaded from together with your qualifications and bank statements. Some general advice is given on our Further Information page but much more specific advice will be sent to you by the College along with your CAS.

Step 06 »

Notify us of arrival details & accommodation requirements. Once you have your visa you must let the Student Services department know if you require accommodation and/or airport collection. To do so just send your Accommodation Booking Form to us indicating your requirements. We will then respond with further information and booking arrangements. (See accommodation options).

Step 07 »

Arrive at the College to start your course. If you have booked airport collection and hostel accommodation you will be met in the Arrivals Hall of the airport by a driver who will take you directly to your accommodation. You should then report to the College on the course start date shown on your College documents. If you are delayed, and arrive after the date shown, please contact the College by telephone on arrival and you will be given instructions.

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