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"A successful hotelier needs to be an inspirational leader with a very clear and focused vision."
Harry Murray MBE FIH

Tourism is the biggest industry in the world, and also one of the fastest growing

In 2012 there were in excess of one billion tourist arrivals world-wide. In the United Kingdom alone, where London has overtaken Paris as the world's most visited city, the tourism industry now employs more than two million people. And this ever increasing demand for travel, for business and pleasure, is creating a wealth of exciting career opportunities across the globe for people with the necessary skills.

Those who seek to capitalise on the employment opportunities that the travel boom presents will find that many of the most rewarding careers are to be found in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

When travellers arrive at their destination most will need hotel accommodation and many will desire resort facilities to help them to enjoy their stay. Qualified hospitality and tourism specialists are always in demand and can command high salaries.

A global industry means global job opportunities

Working in the tourist industry is not just about financial reward; there are other benefits too. One is the quality of the working environment, which exists to provide comfort and for its customers and so provides that same comfort for its senior employees. Managing a five star hotel, beach or ski resort is a pleasure for those that value good food, social and recreational facilities. A further advantage is global employment mobility. Many of the big hotel chains have premises in every major city in the world. As a general manager with an organisation such as Starwood or Intercontinental you can choose where in the world you work, and if you wish, move from hotel to hotel, particularly if you have a degree from a top British university on your CV.

Hotel visits & work experience

The College is located in the heart of London, and there are plenty of five star hotels and famous tourist attractions within walking distance of the campus. These provide ideal field trip opportunities for our students as well as a ready source of industry professionals for guest lectures.

Many of our students choose to work part-time and during vacations for these establishments to gain valuable experience and perhaps have a world class employer on their CV.

Flexible entry

Whilst most undergraduates enrol for three years of study some apply on the basis of existing qualifications in a relevant subject or exceptional A-level grades and it may be possible for the College to give the applicant credit for this and offer direct entry to Stage 2 or even 3 of the degree.

For example, entry to the degree is often open to students who have studied at diploma level elsewhere. A relevant Higher National Diploma (HND) level qualification may be accepted for final year entry. Applications are particularly welcome from graduates of other disciplines and from those with industry experience.

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